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28 Dec 2009

Weekly goals

In light of the impending new year, I thought I'd offer an alternative to the associated flood of well-intentioned but ultimately-doomed …
22 Dec 2009

The flood of ideas

Seth's post yesterday struck a chord with me, as it reminded me of how I felt a few months ago. At the time, I was posting extremely …
18 Dec 2009


I'm generally a pretty calm guy. We've all got pet peeves, though, and one of my occurs all too frequently. I'm talking about people who …
12 Dec 2009

Failure is bad.

I just read a post from Micah Baldwin that I found very interesting, so here's a quick response: Failure is bad. Success is good. Sure, …
23 Nov 2009

NoSQL talk report

I've given my "Comics" Is Hard talk about five times now, and the feedback consistently fell into one of two buckets: Some people wanted to …
14 Nov 2009

Twitter lists and the App Store

Twitter's lists are a fascinating new feature, and people are using them in a bewildering variety of ways. I think one of the most …
28 Oct 2009

RailsConf 2010

[[posterous-content:vidmnkAIvtEHqHcylwcn]]In case you didn't notice, the CFP for RailsConf 2010 in Baltimore went out yesterday – and along …
26 Oct 2009


[[posterous-content:ICkAFbstaprzDIahdsEp]]We're rapidly approaching November, which means that another NaNoWriMo is almost upon us. NaNo's …