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01 Mar 2024

Knowledge elicitation as intervention

If you’re not reading Cedric Chin’s Commoncog essays, you’re missing out. The most recent one (Tacit Expertise Extraction, Software …
18 Feb 2024

Infocom games and accessing knowledge

Another brick in the usefulness of the graph model of knowledge: back in the 80s, I played various Infocom games – essentially, interactive …
14 Feb 2024

Conceptual graphs as understanding

Students struggle more in classes where they have less background knowledge of the subject. Research to expand an area of knowledge is …
19 Apr 2022


Some time ago, I was reading a book about the history of jazz in China, and something about it put me off. On reflection, I realized that my …
18 Nov 2018

A future without linters

I have a vision of a wonderful future. A future without arguments about camelCase and snake_case. A future without debates over tabs and …
15 May 2018

Judging expertise

One of the reasons researchers focus on experts instead of expertise is that it seems easier to find the one than the other — you can look …
26 Apr 2018

Building Reg Watch

Ragtag partners with Insightus to protect North Carolina voters
15 Mar 2018

TMTOWTDI and expertise

One of the guiding principles of the Perl programming language is TMTOWTDI — there’s more than one way to do it (where “it” is “pretty much …