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18 Nov 2018

A future without linters

I have a vision of a wonderful future. A future without arguments about camelCase and snake_case. A future without debates over tabs and …
15 May 2018

Judging expertise

One of the reasons researchers focus on experts instead of expertise is that it seems easier to find the one than the other — you can look …
26 Apr 2018

Building Reg Watch

Ragtag partners with Insightus to protect North Carolina voters
15 Mar 2018

TMTOWTDI and expertise

One of the guiding principles of the Perl programming language is TMTOWTDI — there’s more than one way to do it (where “it” is “pretty much …
16 Feb 2018

Everyday expertise

The Winter Olympics are on! We’re in the first week of watching athletes who’ve spent years honing their skills and now get to amaze us with …
31 Jan 2018

My January in reading and podcasts

I had so much fun doing my Reading and Podcast years in review for 2017 that I’ve decided to do more frequent look-backs this year. I don’t …
27 Jan 2018

The continuity of expertise

One of the (many) things that makes research on the highest levels of expertise challenging is that — by definition — there aren’t that many …
14 Jan 2018

Expertise and attention

So, my last few posts started to describe a theory of expertise as something like: the set of factors acquired over time that help someone …