Developer Day Boulder

Last weekend, I was out in Boulder, organizing and MCing for our last Developer Day of 2009. It was an exciting conference, bracketed by the first snow of the year for Boulder (and the first snow I'd ever seen in October), but luckily the vast majority of the attendees were able to make it safely into town – we only had one person (that I know of) turn back due to the road conditions. Those who did make it in were treated to a great set of talks, including Chad Fowler's keynote on creating a remarkable life, Derek Chen-Becker's in-depth introduction to Scala, and Jeremy Hinegardner's exploration of some tools that make it easier to work in a multi-language environment. Jeremy's presentation in particular was interesting for me, since he discussed several of the databases prominent in the NoSQL movement – and in fact, I gave a lightning talk version of my comic domain modeling talk to add a little more color to the picture he drew. All in all, this was probably the best Developer Day so far, and I'm very excited to start planning the 2010 series. Look for Developer Day in a city near you next year!