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18 Oct 2010


As I'm just now coming out of the caffeine- and sleep-deprivation-induced haze that was my weekend, I thought it might be interesting to reflect on what exactly happened. After forgoing competition last year in favor of judging others as an expert panelist, I decided to compete in the Rails Rumble once again this time around. As I expected, I had a metric ton of fun building my app (Airport Atlas - see its full glory on the RDU Terminal 2 map) all by my lonesome. From 8pm Friday to 8pm Sunday, I pounded code, tweaked pixels in Photoshop, and drank Cherry Coke Zero like there was no tomorrow. My work is far from over, though -- for the next few days, the entries are being evaluated by the new crop of experts, after which some of them will go on to public voting. Wish me luck (and vote for me, if you get the chance!) Some (possibly) interesting stats

  • 107 commits
  • 251 lines of application code written
  • 214 lines of testing code written (1:0.9 code/test ratio)
  • 67.2% test coverage (abysmal! It was much higher before Sunday :)
  • 20ish cans of Cherry Coke Zero drunk (don't judge me)

I'm really looking forward to continuing to work on Airport Atlas, so feel free to leave comments and suggestions here or on my team page.