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Ben Scofield

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What I'm doing now

This is a Now page and was last updated Feb 15, 2021

Thinking about expertise, understanding, and context

I’m still very interested in expertise, and I’ve been actively seeking out opportunities to learn from researchers doing primary work on it. I’m particularly interested in exploring how we tend to lump multiple distinct expertises together.

My current view of expertise is that (to oversimplify) it consists of both skill and understanding in a given domain. I don’t think I currently have a great model of what “understanding” is, though, so I’m actively reading and thinking about it.

And continuining on that theme, I’m pretty sure that context is core to understanding (in a few different ways), so I’m starting to think about that more deeply – how can we create context to generate understanding quickly, etc.

Working at GitHub

I’m a Staff Engineer at GitHub, working as part of the UI Platform group. Among other things, I’m looking at changes we could make to Primer React to help it better meet our future needs, improving how we evaluate frontend engineering candidates' technical abilities, and helping new engineer hires get a solid grip on the firehose of information coming their way in the first few weeks after they join.

Surviving the pandemic

The family and I have been riding out the pandemic at home in North Carolina; my spouse is now vaccinated (in virtue of her job at the county health department), the kids are in virtual school, and we’re all a little stir crazy thanks to too few trips outside the house, but we’ve been incredibly fortunate so far.