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05 Jul 2014

Wanting to be, not to do

It’s about a month and a half until my 10th wedding anniversary, and I’ve been reflecting on how I was feeling before I got married. I …
26 Apr 2014

Predictions for Comixology+Amazon

Note: I don’t have any special insight into the business arrangements here; I haven’t been paying as much attention to the comics industry …
16 Feb 2014

Postmortems: trust and confidence

I am a strong believer in the value of a good postmortem after a customer-affecting incident — and after internal incidents, and after …
04 Jan 2014

Two problems with antifragility

I’m no fan of Nassim Taleb (of black swan, antifragility, and needing-an-editor fame), but I forced myself to finish his last book …
19 Dec 2013

My 2013 in reading

I’ve been using Goodreads reliably this year to track my reading (well, the book and graphic novel portions of my reading). Over the last …
11 Dec 2013

Problems with self-organization

I just listened to the November 21st episode of the Freakonomics podcast , on what economists call “spontaneous order .” It’s an interesting …
20 Sep 2013

On valuing people

Ernie and I are going through many of the same experiences right now, so his post on how interviews are broken resonated with me. In …
13 Sep 2013

On contact management

I have a problem: every time I open up an application that has a contact list, I find something confusing or frustrating. With Skype, it’s …