Speaking updates

Several things have come together over the past week or so, with the result that I've pretty much solidified my speaking engagements for the rest of 2009. At each event, I'll be talking about alternative databases, domain modeling, and related things – they're all variations on my "Comics" Is Hard talk, though with distinct differences based on the audiences. [[posterous-content:xflepemxaBHtswrlaFAn]] First up, I'll be in Chicago this weekend for WindyCityRails (along with my co-worker David Eisinger). I'm particularly looking forward to Dean Wampler's session on functional programming here, as well as Ryan Singer's UI talk (which I missed at Railsconf). [[posterous-content:cIxjJgFIyfBtytpyAiml]] Two weeks from today, I'll be giving a less technical talk at Refresh the Triangle; the event usually attracts a mix of designers and developers, so I'll also be showing something of how HTML5's offline storage works. [[posterous-content:cqihliEjszlqABpEghHF]] In October, I'm helping take Developer Day out to Boulder. I'm not planning on giving a session (just organizing), but I'm really excited about the schedule so far. The week after I get back to NC from Boulder, however, I will be speaking to the Charlotte Ruby group, which sounds like an energetic group of programmers. [[posterous-content:kwEglbaxzCJmDHnaHEeu]] Finally, I'll be speaking at RubyConf in San Francisco in November. I haven't been out to SF in years, and I'm happy to have the opportunity to get out there for the conference (which is typically one of the best I attend every year), as well as to reconnect with friends in the area. And that about does it for 2009, unless something wholly unexpected pops up. If you'll be at any of these events, feel free to drop me a line – I'm always up for a chat about this, that, or whatever! Also, just as a reminder, I generally keep my upcoming event schedule current, while these update posts are a little more rare.