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22 Oct 2009

Speaker X again??

I've seen one particular complaint about Ruby conferences fairly often over the past couple of years – people question why the same speakers …
19 Oct 2009

H&P: What you can't say

[[posterous-content:oBGotzwudxstbsyyhfrG]]I recently read Paul Graham's Hackers and Painters (a collection of essays from his site, …
16 Oct 2009

Drawing the line

I was listening to a program on NPR recently, and I heard the interviewee say something interesting about discovering the guitar. …
12 Oct 2009

Developer Day Boulder

Last weekend, I was out in Boulder, organizing and MCing for our last Developer Day of 2009. It was an exciting conference, bracketed by the …
08 Oct 2009

Changing the default

I create (or at least start) a lot of microapplications – my "Ideas - Dev" list in Evernote is huge, and I try to pick off a new one every …
05 Oct 2009

Conferences suck

Disclaimer: I've said some of the things in this post, as have some of my friends, some of my acquaintances, and some people I don't like. …
01 Oct 2009


There's something very strange about the concept of follow-through. Ask a physicist, and they'll tell you that nothing you do with the club …
28 Sep 2009

Why should I register for your site?

Make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler. That's one of my favorite Einstein quotes. Unfortunately, it seems to be ignored more …